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Technical Advisory Board (TAB)

The Technical Advisory Board votes and reviews 1EdTech technical documents and specifications.

Name Title Organization Sort descending
Antoni Bertran
John Sims
Frankey Goss
Director of Information Security & Data Privacy
Colby Hilyer
Systems Information Manager
Hailey Ridgeway
ALEX Director
Brian Stewart
Assistant Director of Educational Applications
Al Reaves
Richard Platts
Chief Technology Officer
Gonzalo Bermudez
Aaron Harnly
Chief Technology Officer
Michael Borkoski
Dylan Havard
Senior Staff Architect
Vikas Gupta
Director, Developer Relations
Mark Molenaar
Joe Carrillo
Chief Technology Officer
Justin Ball
David Ormsbee
Michele Wagner
Manager, Solutions Implementation
David Thurlby
Director of Information Services
Brian Lowrance
Technology Director
Aitor Cuesta
Stephen Ellis
System Software Manager
Joshua Moneypenny
Director of Technology
Marten Roorda
Senior advisor
Gauthier Philippart
Sherri Braxton Castanzo
Senior Director for Digital Innovation
Sven Morgner
Joe Phillips
Chief Information Officer
Kenneth Wright
Technology Director
Diana Cano
Andrew Pople
Vice President of Software Architecture
Manato Ono
Douglas Mealing
Claude Vervoort
Chris Emery
Alexander Gibbons
Engineering Director
Andrew Hohnstein
Director, Student Applications & Web Programming
Chief Information Officer
Lorne Rodriguez
Manager of Ecosystem Design
Tjeerd Hans Terpstra
Software architect
Arjan Aarnink
Enterprise Architect
Matt Rogers
Eston Melton
Chief Information Officer
Shana Rafalski
Chief of Staff
Stanley Watts
Patrick Devanney
SVP of Strategy and Partnerships
Verna Sampson
Director of Instructional Technology
Amelia Jones
Giovanni Maccioni
Project manager
Fabrizio Todde
Chris Picou
Nic Carroll
Director of Data Governance & Instructional Technology
Pepper Williams
Gabriel Siegel
Steve Asbury
Christian Vesterling
Senior EdTech Consultant
Brian Schaffeld
Director of Technology Services
Alex Hripak
Principal Architect
Leo Cunha
Jennifer Grimm
Director Information Services
Viktor Haag
Architect -- Platform and Standards
Daniel Olivas
Cloud Architect
Benjamin Brown
Chief Technology Officer
Kevin Ptak
Director, Enterprise Architect
Terri Webb
Manager III, Instructional Technology
Alyssa Moore
Digital Learning Lead
Rene Bosscher
Software Architect
Takahiro Hata
Senior Fellow
Dr. Ahamed Kabeer Abdul Rasheed
Director- Engineering & Securities
Robert Leffingwell
Kathryn Stewart
Chief Product Officer
Donald Keeler
Jeremy Bout
Nathaniel Lindley
Technology Supervisor
Christopher Mogush
Andy Kuritzky
Director, Technical Product Mgt
Julie Gathright
Instructional Technology Consultant
Doug Weber
Ian Hickey
Senior Software Engineer III
Mark Hakkinen, Ph.D.
Director - Accessibility Standards & Inclusive Technology
Catherine Yang
Vice President, Digital Communications and Content
Jean-Francois Guertin
Mike Wulff
Deveren Fogle
Joel Hernandez
Tom Ingram
Director-Information Technology
Sridhar Joies
Michael Hrabak, Ph.D.
Technology Architect
David Watson
Coordinator, Technology Architecture and Assessment
Sarah MacDonald
Information Systems Manager
Mark Chaplow
Intergration Specialist
Richard Machielse
Phil Bertolo
Matt Hanger
Michael Evans
Chief Technology and Information Officer
Patrick Laughran
Associate Vice President for Technology and Chief Information Officer, Framingham State University
Ashley Aouate
Director, Information Security
Sue Fetherston
Coordinator - Enterprise Applications
Jill Hobson
Chief Technology Officer
Lynne Whitley
Associate Director of IT
Angela Ingram
Knowledge and Interoperability Manager
Stuart Freeman
Application Developer
Sergiy Panchuk
VP Engineering
Daniel Hoag
Software Engineer
James Tse
Bill Brown
Executive Director, Education Technology Services
Jess Thomas
Director of IT Support and Educational Technology
Debbie Durrence, Ed.D.
Executive Director - Data Governance
Gregory Odell
eLearning Specialist
Christopher Thomas
Programmer Analyst
Anthony Faulkner
Ozgur Yogurtcu
Kimberly Jackson
Executive Director of Instructional Technology
Benton Palmer
Instructional Technology Specialist
Padraig O'hiceadha
Principal Architect
Davant Stewart
Sr. Applications Developer
Dan Whaley
Founder and CEO
Young-Ki Hong
Ryan Gravette
Director of Information and Technology
Julie Best
Rick Stoddart
Microcredential Coordinator
Andy Griebel
John Marchesini
Chief Software Architect
Uwe Kohnle
Member of the ILIAS Society
Todd Ellermann
S.V.P. of Engineering
Jason Martin
Sean Berkstresser
Executive Director of Information and Analytics
Dr. Ken Sauer
Senior Associate Commissioner and Chief
Justin Zemlyak
Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies
Cullen Prestegard
Staff Engineer
Mike Lilly
Executive Director of Information Technology Services
Abhilash Gopal
Jeremy Perkins
Product Manager
Frank Cicio
Monica Trippodo
Research & Development
Nathan Seaton
Specialist Technology Integration
Michael Webb
Director of Technology
Joe Christoffersen
Director of Operations
Jos van der Arend
James Gibson
Learning Management System Administrator
James Gibson
Learning Management System Administrator
James Gibson
Learning Management System Administrator
Mike Leadingham
Division Director, School Technology Planning and Project Management
JeongEun Son
Robert McDaniel
Mattias Sallstrom
System Architect
Brian Ciomei
Kyle McKinney
Director of Technology (CIO), Laramie County School District, Wyoming
Charles Severance
Dwayne Alton
Chief Information Officer
Darin Gribble
Kate McDemott
Senior Product Manager
Travis Taylor
Instructional Technology Speciaist
Rachel Johnson
Director, Enterprise Solutions
Joanna Kaylor
Supervisor, Enterprise Support and Analytics
Amy Denman
Technology Director
Prasad Karanjgaonkar
VP Engineering
Prasad Karanjgaonkar
VP Engineering
Lardy Liu
Product Manager
Shin-Jang Kang
Managing Director
Paul Katula
Scoring and Program Specialist
Kerri Lemoie
Director, Digital Credentials Consortium
Mike Flanagan
Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Lippert
Chief Technology Officer
Shailendra Tipparaju
Founder and Chief Innovation Officer
Lakshmi Visvanathan
Chief Information Officer
Kevin Willis
Application Development Manager
Cara Jackson
Chief Technology Officer
Donald Dailey
Director of Systems Integration and Interoperability
Dirk Bradley
Michigan Data Hub Operations Manager
Roman Stotland
Director of Digital Strategy
TJ Vering
Principal Program Mgr, Education
Alison Hood
Matthieu Guerin
project manager
Claudio Cimelli
directeur de projet
Jon Werth
Educational Technology Specialist
Marie Judisch
Chuck McGee
Brett Dalton
Head of Educational Services
Chantell Manahan
Director of Technology
Denise Hartsock
Yoshimitsu Miyazawa, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Ryan Avery
Manager of Educational Technology
Douglas Falk
Christian Stange
Jaebum Lee
Brian Lantz
Director of Network Security
Will Bunting
Director of Program Management
Johel Placencia
Sandy Britain
Enterprise Architect
Misty Smith
Mark Samberg
Director of Technology Programs
Diane Dulaney
Leigh Anne Scherer
Director of Technology & Information Services
Bucky Bush
Director of Technology
Snorre Lovas
Neal Kellogg
Director of Digital Procurement and Data Privacy
Patrick Plichart
Co-Founder and Solution Architect
Patrina Law
Lifelong Learning Lead
Tsuneo Yamada
Stephen Brawn
Principal Product Strategy Manager
Maurice Draggon
Senior Director, Digital Learning
Corey Maxey
Chief Technology Officer
Kevin Baum
Jason Weaver
Vice President, Product
Amy Bonjour
Manager of Enterprise Applications and Information
Tara Crain
Data Systems Analyst
Jason Rooks
Chief Information Officer
Bill Bass
Innovation Coordinator
Jim Serpe
Chris Kerr
VP, Product
Jason Craft
Principal Software Architect
Andy Fisher
James Heckman
Assistant Director of Technology
Diane Rivera
Derrick Brown
Sr. Director of Technology Operations
Jason Pritchett
Software Architect
Andrew Zuckerman
Chief Information Officer
AJ Phillips
Director of Information and Instructional Technology
Lee Harrison
SVP Product and Technology
Marty Reed
Jeroen Fransen
Joe Carrano
Student Systems Support Manager
Bob Deneau
Director of Technical Support Services
Donald Bruton
Ray Baranoski
Senior Software Developer
Jimmy Asher
Software Developer
Andy Hochhaus
William Baker
Senior Product Manager
Scott Clark
Director of Media & Instructional Technology
Monika Disantis
Manager of Technology Solution Integration
Jessica Preisig
Assistant Superintendent for Technology Services
Brenda Holliday
Digital Resources Specialist
Michelle Watt
Chief Systems Officer
Patches Hill
Janelle Simmonds
Global Academic Enablement Program Manager
Charles McIntyre
Senior Director of Information Technology
Rick Thompson
Sr. Database Administrator
Daniel Ralyea
Bill Sica
Joseph Corpe
Assistant Director of Emerging Credentials
Mark Maxwell
Director of Applications
Christina Masick
Associate Superintendent of Technology
Burt Lo
Chief Technology Officer
Moges Kelklie
Director of Product Experience, Strategic Education
Konrad Stimeling
Derek Neighbors
Chief Technology Officer
Florian Murat Koch
Ronald Ham
Meghan Morgan
Manager of Education
Peter Hanley
Manager, Academic Applications
Gerardo Saenz
VP, Product Strategy
Matthew Valdez
Sean Anderson
VP of Technology
Susan Barnar
IT Director
Thomas Zeeman
Martin Lenord
Integrations Architect
Brad Jessen
Director Of Technology
Taylor Hansen
Hiroshi Hatakeda
Senior Manager
Seth Hodgson
VP Engineering
Graham Hayes
Infrastructure and Software Architect
Per Hörnblad
IT Architect
Gary Gilbert
Diego del Blanco Orobitg
Kyriakos Barbounakis
Francesc Santanach
EdTech Architect, UOC
Chris Bray
Senior Academic Technology and LMS Administrator/Systems Architect
Jeff Longland
Daniel Suchy
Senior Director, Educational Technology Services
Shawna Dark
Matthew Emond
Applications Programmer IV
Michael Martin
Director of Client Experience & Technology Resource Ctr
Insiya Bream
Assistant Vice President, Data - Academic Operations
B. Collier Jones
Jason Paluck
Anthony Whyte
Lecturer III in Information, School of Information
Jim Hart
Marlies Gration
Rob Ditto
Technical Director
Ryan Graham
Dylan Robbins
IT Leader
Jeremy Graham
Tamara Walker
Director of Academic Technology
Jason Zapf
Teaching and Learning Technology Manager
Bart Pursel
Chief Technology Officer
Derek Gleim
Matthew Ricks
Software Engineer
Cliff Thelin
Project and Portfolio Manager
Sudarsan Thyagarajan
Wietze de Vries
Product owner
Andrew Alfers
Vice President, Product Management
Krissy Mollo
Coordinator Teaching and Learning Applications
Walter White
Senior Director - Enterprise Architecture
Clyde Lewis
Database Administrator
Anantha Raman L
Joseph Allen
Executive Director of Technology
Andy Duckworth
Technology Innovation Officer
Jason Cornell
Network Administrator
Brent Capriotti
Sr Consultant, Operational Strategy
Kim Moore, J.D.
Executive Director
Jessica Faucher
VP of Product Management
Tom Woodward
Engineering Manager
Portia Clay
Software Application Specialist
Chris Seale
Instructional Technology Advisor
Stephanie Gumm
Technology Integration Manager
Kim Varnell
Director of Assessment Operations
Mark Huang