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Digital Credentials Executive Board

The Digital Credentials Executive Board is comprised of senior leaders from IMS Contributing Member organizations who are working collaboratively to understand latest trends in digital credentials and to set priorities for evolving IMS Global's e-Transcript framework, CBE-aware ecosystem, and the Open Badges standard.

Name Title Organization
MJ Bishop
Associate Vice Chancellor and Director, Kirwan Center for Academic Innovation
An-Me Chung
Andrea Deau
Senior Director for Higher Education Partnerships
Deborah Everhart
VP, Design and Innovation
Douglas Falk
Jonathan Finkelstein
Founder & CEO
Hal Herzog
Product Director
Daniel Hickey
Peter Janzow
VP Business Development & Co-founder
Lee Johnston
Associate Vice Chancellor, CBE Technology, IT Information Systems
Patrina Law
David Leaser
Senior Executive, Strategic Initiatives
Jim Milton
VP Product Strategy
Kim Moore
Director of Instructional Resources
Anthony Newman
Manager of Informatics
Scott Owczarek
University Registrar
Matthew Pittinsky
Alex Reis
Senior Product Manager
Paul Robinson
Associate Vice Provost and University Registrar
Mustafa Sualp
President & CEO
Mark Surman
Executive Director
Wayne Skipper
Richard West
Associate Professor