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1EdTech Europe Leadership Board

The 1EdTech Europe Leadership Board identifies major challenges facing the European learning community worldwide, both current and future, and to help guide the strategic priorities of 1EdTech member community to advance technology to support innovative models for improving student outcomes.

Arjan Aarnink
Enterprise Architect
Arjan brings more than 15 years of experience in building advanced and effective IT-solutions for the testing industry. As an architect, he is involved in development and implementation of advanced e-assessment tools.

Arnhem, Netherlands
Christien Bok
Christien Bok is Innovation manager education at SURF. She aims to support collaboration between higher education institutions in the field of IT innovation in order to improve student success and the quality of education. She is an advocate for the protection of public values in education and research. She is convinced that international agreements on standards and architecture are a key to organizing education efficiently and flexibly, nationally and across borders. Christien designed various national innovation programs, including the Acceleration Plan (16M) and the Digitization Impulse for Education (600M). Christien studied Dutch literature at Utrecht University. She worked for the Dutch Foundation for Literature and at The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). At NWO she was responsible for a research program in which IT researchers and heritage managers worked together to make heritage available digitally.
Eva Mjøvik
Head Advisor
Oslo, Norway
Ewoud de Kok
Founder & CEO
Ewoud is the CEO and co-founder of FeedbackFruits, an Amsterdam-based EdTech scale-up that builds evidence-based pedagogical technology in collaboration with educational institutions. In addition to his role as CEO of FeedbackFruits and a board member of the 1EdTech Europe, he is a member of the Dutch EdTech Foundation, program council National Education Lab AI, and founder of the, an initiative to stimulate Ethical Edtech.
Francesc Santanach
EdTech Architect, UOC
Francesc Santanach-Delisau is EdTech Architect at UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya - Open University of Catalonia). He is responsible for Education Technologies architectures at the institution, providing the vision, the principles and mechanisms for the improvement and growing of the EdTech ecosystem at UOC. He has been engaged in projects in the field of learning technologies ever since 1998 and is expert in disciplines such as interoperability, learning analytics and AI. He holds a Master degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering of the UPC (Universitat politècnica de Catalunya - Polytechnic University of Catalonia).

Barcelona, Spain
Freddy Barstad
Fridolin Wild
Prof Wild has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers, journal articles, and book chapters, and seven books. His €2.7m funded project 'Wearable Experience for Knowledge Intensive Training (WEKIT)' investigated AR technology supporting astronauts, doctors, and engineers with immersive training. His technical leadership of the €3.9m ARETE project on building a Europe-wide competitive ecosystem for XR interactive education won the Standards+Innovation award 2022 of CEN/Cenelec. He led the Augmented Reality technology roadmap in Product Assurance and Safety of the European Space Agency (ESA-ESTEC).

As professor for AR/VR at the Open University and Director of the Research Programme ‘Performance Augmentation’, he is supervising several PhD students, also at other Universities in the UK and in Sweden. He is part of the management team and steering group of the University’s OpenXR studios where, with £5.8M from the Office for Students, he is building new production facilities to support future XR projects.

He chairs standards development of an AR content model in the IEEE, and is lead technologist on its open-source reference implementation, MirageXR, an authoring tool, viewer, and repository for immersive learning in the Moodle community. He was 2009-12 General Scientific Manager of the STELLAR network of excellence in technology-enhanced learning, leading a global network on agenda setting for the wider research community, and supporting it in strategic, researcher, next generation, and community-level capacity building, including promoting the adoption of open and engaged research practice.

Prof Wild is academic lead of an EdTech accelerator, supporting start-ups with rapid growth potential. He is the maintainer of the task view for natural language processing of the R project, the freely available language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.

With his research and teaching, Prof Wild seeks to close the dissociative gap between abstract knowledge and its practical application, devising radically new forms of linking directly from knowing something ‘in principle’ to applying that knowledge ‘in practice’ and speeding its refinement and integration into polished performance.

Prof Wild is and has been leading numerous EU, European Space Agency, nationally, and privately funded research projects, including ARIDLL, ERADEX, ARETE, LAAR, AR-for-EU, WEKIT, TCBL, ARPASS, Tellme, TELmap, cRunch, Stellar, Role, LTfLL, iCamp, and Prolearn. Prof Wild is a trust-appointed Local Governor of Oxford Spires Academy.

From 2015 to 2020, Fridolin was Senior Research Fellow at Oxford Brookes University. From 2009 to 2016, he was at the Knowledge Media Institute of the OU. Fridolin also worked as a researcher at the Vienna University of Economics and Business in Austria from 2004 to 2009. He studied at the University of Regensburg, Germany, with extra-murals at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and the University of Hildesheim.
Gill Ferrell
1EdTech Europe Program Director
Dr. Gill Ferrell supports the 1EdTech Europe member community. In a career spanning over 30 years, she has managed the implementation of administrative IT systems in higher education and led research and edtech projects in areas such as assessment, learning design, course management, learner records, and learning analytics. She directed a UK-wide support service for Jisc, providing advice, guidance, and training in ICT for further and higher education providers in the UK. As an independent consultant, she has been involved in projects of national significance. For almost 20 years, she has volunteered with EUNIS fostering knowledge exchange and developing communities of practice across European higher education.

Gill holds British and French nationalities and lives in south-west France.
Lee Farmer
Manager, On-boarding and Integration
Lee Farmer is Director of Customer Success, Integrations and Onboarding at VitalSource, a division of the Ingram Content Group. VitalSource is a global educational technology company with a suite of learning and analytics tools, including Bookshelf® the most widely used platform for delivery of electronic textbooks in the world. Lee leads high performance, global teams that focus on technical implementations, and building long lasting customer relationships to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes with partners. Lee joined VitalSource six years ago and has a deep interest in data and software systems.

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Mark Molenaar
Mark Molenaar is a thought leader in the world of EdTech, assessment, open source and open standards. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry as a leader, CTO and strategist. After working as CIO for Cito (the Netherlands) and CTO for TAO (Luxembourg), he founded Apenutmize, an independent EdTech consulting firm and is currently working with various clients across the globe and on various 1EdTech Working Groups & Boards and is a member of the Technical Advisory Group of the ATP/ITC committee for defining Guidelines on Technology Based Assessment (TBA).
Monica Trippodo
Research & Development
Monica is graduated in Economics from Bocconi University. After a few years spent in a consulting company and mass market retailer she started in IQC, the Italian Quality Company. IQC provides innovative tools and services for the companies that desires to enhance their digital performances of management systems, processes, products and people’s skills. IQC strongly believes in the adoption of digital badges and therefore despite having has realized C-Box, a platform that issues badges compliant to IMS Global. IQC has founded a Digital Badges Stakeholder Table where their members contribute in defining guidelines for the diffusion and adoption of open badges.
Mauritz Danielsson
Sidharth Oberoi
Int'l Product Manager
Sidharth is the Head of EMEA Product for Instructure and oversees the strategy and vision of Product for both Canvas and Bridge at Instructure. Sidharth manages the strategic direction of the fast growing platforms and works with the Global teams to ensure that as the Product is developed, that it is thought about in a global capacity. Additionally, Sidharth works to identify market specific Product initiatives recognising that education can vastly vary in between and inside of regions and sometimes may require additional Product needs.

Sidharth has been actively working in Education Technology for nearly 10 years and is dedicated to providing avenues for institutions and learners to have access to the best tools and resources to enhance education.

London, United Kingdom
Uwe Erpel
Head of EdTech Engineering
Uwe is Head of the EdTech Engineering department at Cornelsen, one of the leading publishers of educational media in Germany. With more than 25 years of professional experience in software development, a clear focus on interoperable and scalable EdTech solutions, a DevOps mentality, agile and lean methods and the advocation of best practices of modern software development, he is dedicated to creating inspiring products for learners and teachers.
Wietze de Vries
Product owner
Working as an educational developer at the medical university Karolinska Institutet, Wietze de Vries is also the contact person for 1EdTech at Sunet, which is an organisation providing Swedish universities and colleges access to national and international data communication, national academic identity infrastructure and related services. Sunet is part of the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet).

Stockholm, Sweden