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Digital Curriculum Product Steering Committee

The Digital Curriculum Product Steering Committee (PSC) is comprised of Contributing Members who have demonstrated leadership in advancing adoption of integrated content using one or more of the following 1EdTech standards: CASE, Common Cartridge (CC/TCC), and/or LTI Resource-Search.

The mission of the Digital Curriculum PSC is to:

  • Promote adopting and certifying the specifications
  • Support less costly and more efficient integrations for all suppliers and institutional members
  • Provide market-based information, such as user stories, implementation feedback, challenges to solve, and priorities to technical working group members, with inputs from the Innovation Leadership Networks (ILNs)

Kristen Morton, PowerSchool
Rob Stratton, SAFARI Montage

If you are interested in joining the Digital Curriculum Product Steering Committee (PSC), contact: Susan Haught

Name Title Organization
Susan Haught
Technical Program Manager
Monica Watts
Senior Director of Learning Innovation
William Baker
Senior Product Manager
Rob Stratton
Vice President of Learning Innovation and Strategy
Kristen Morton
Product Manager
Michael Baker
VP Digital Experience, Development & Strategy
April McGuire
Azure Data and AI Specialist
Jeff McCoy
Associate Superintendent for Academics
Beatriz Arnillas
Vice President of Product Management
Jill Tuttle
Supervisor of Systems Integration
Gina Faulk
General Manager
Catherine Fredrick
Product Manager
Paul Katula
Scoring and Program Specialist
Jessica Preisig
Assistant Superintendent for Technology Services
Heather Carle
Product Management
April McGuire
Azure Data and AI Specialist
Vishal Chhatwani
Senior Software Engineer