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Caliper Analytics Product Steering Committee

The Caliper Analytics Product Steering Committee (PSC) is comprised of product suppliers and higher institutions at the Contributing Member level who are providing leadership to design and implement coordinated activities to infuse market inputs and feedback into the growing portfolio of Caliper Analytics metric profiles and capabilities. For a supplier to participate in the PSC the supplier must have certified products.

Name Title Organization
Dan Carroll
Chief Product Officer
Sean Demonner
Executive Director, ITS Teaching & Learning, University of Michigan
Erica Eatmon
Senior Director, Technical Product Management - Analytics and Reporting
Yeona Jang
Chief Community Engagement Officer, Explorance
Benny Johnson
Director, Research and Development
Oxana Jurosevic
Technical Product Manager
Karl Lloyd
Director, Product Management
Amin Qazi
Adam Recktenwald
Exec Director of Enterprise Applications
Jeff Rubenstein
Peter Soderquist
Product Manager, Authoring Platforms and eBooks
Viktor Haag
Architect -- Platform and Standards
Bracken Mosbacker
Technical Standards Architect
Joshua McGhee
Technical Program Manager
Mark Leuba
Vice President, Product Management
Linda Feng
Software Architect
Bill Jerome