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Flat for Education offers music educators and their students the most affordable cloud-based music notation software on the market. Empowering teachers to create playful and engaging music activities, creations, assessments on any device at any time.

The platform integrates with every well-known learning management system available: Google Classroom, Microsoft 365, Canvas, Schoology, and MusicFirst to name a few. Everything will be synchronized with your existing setup to avoid any time loss.

Flat for Education offers an advanced system of assignments allowing you to create playful and stunning music activities with your students.
Create a template for all your students to start working from or simplify the toolbar to have them only working with eighth and quarter. The only limit is your imagination.

Save a lot of time by generating worksheets and quizzes in just a few clicks for your students to practice music theory.

Finally, Bands directors and choirs conductors can have their students directly recording their performance from home for review.

Whether you are teaching remotely or in-person, Flat for Education will support you in creating playful and engaging music activities in no time. Try it free for 90 days on

IMS Certifications

Tutteo Ltd has 4 certifications for this product.

Version v24.0.0

Flat for Education v24.0.0 has completed conformance testing for the following IMS Standards ...
Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) v1.0
Active Tool Certified on Registration Number: IMSB2C2C20to2021W1
Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) v1.1
Active Tool Certified on Registration Number: IMSB2C2C20to2021W1
LTI Basic Outcomes 1.0
Active Certified on Registration Number: IMSB2C2C20to2021W1
Data Privacy
Active Certified on Registration Number: IMSP1to2021W2

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