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Buy Certified

Ensuring that your educational technology tools are certified by IMS Global Learning Consortium is the best way to establish a plug-and-play ecosystem that allows all of your tools and content to work together.

If you are just starting out, you should review the resources IMS has developed to help you know what to ask for from your vendors and what to include in your RFPs. Also included below are best practices for procurement designed by and for K-12 districts and higher education institutions and suggested language for institutions to use requiring suppliers to be up-to-date on their IMS certifications. IMS offers assistance to our members who need help or guidance determining their needs.

Most importantly, you should verify that your products are IMS Certified by checking the product directory.

Sample RFP Language

Use the Statement of Intent to Adopt IMS Global Learning Consortium Standards in a Timely Manner when guiding suppliers to support the most up-to-date features of LTI Advantage now, and as the feature set evolves. 

All resources which are not marked K-12 or HED are suitable for all institutions.

Standards Specific Guidance

Caliper Analytics®

Common Cartridge®

Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE)®

Learning Tools Interoperability®  and LTI Advantage

LTI Resource Search


Question and Test Interoperability® (QTI®) and Accessible Portable Item Protocol® (APIP®)

Details of Institutional Procurement Practices

K-12 Institutions

Higher Education Institutions

Additional institutional resources are available in the K-12 Playbook and HED Playbook.