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AWARDASSURED is a platform that simplifies the adoption of Verifiable Credentials. Institutions, Employers and Training Providers can issue Verifiable Credentials to their learners to indicate progress through a course or curriculum and recognise the completion of an achievement. The credentials are digitally signed to allow the achievements to be shared and instantly verifiable by any 3rd party without returning to the original issuer.

Learners use a learning wallet to collect and store all their achievements. Learners can share their accomplishments as evidence of their skills and ongoing learning.

AWARDASSURED leads to increased learner retention, improved learning engagement, and more value for the learner.

1EdTech Certifications

Signature Digital has 2 certifications for this product.

Version v1.2

AwardAssured v1.2 has completed conformance testing for the following 1EdTech Standards ...
Open Badges v3.0
Active Certified on Registration Number: IMSO4R2sl2023W1
Open Badges Type:
  • Issuer
Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) v2.0
Active Certified on Registration Number: IMSO4R2sl2023W1
CLR Type:
  • Provider

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