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Revisely is an online tool that teachers use to give more and better feedback on students’ work in less time.

The web-based tool supports teachers during the entire process of setting, correcting, plagiarism checking and giving feedback on writing assignments. Revisely is a tool for any document, for any course in any language and works in any browser.

Why use Revisely?

It brings you transparency and objectivity

  • Immediately apparent to a student what is expected of an assignment thanks to clear instruction, evaluation criteria and rubrics
  • Insights into the way of assessment for other teachers

You keep insight and a good overview

  • Revisely is a modern form of a writing file; no assignment, document or feedback gets lost
  • Clear reporting on performance and development

You optimize your work

  • Possibility for teachers to take over each other’s work or mark a document together
  • Allows involving external reviewers.

Revisely saves time

  • The teacher easily selects from the built-in set of observations or 'comment banks'
  • The student immediately sees what was done right and what went wrong (feedback)
  • Thanks to feed forward, students have insight in their improvement points
  • Revisely has a built-in optional plagiarism check.

You increase the learning efficiency

  • The teacher can easily provide more and better feedback using the built-in set of comments and observations that include extensive theory and tips to improve
  • The teacher gives both formative and summative feedback
  • Peer grading and Team hand-in help students to learn from and with each other
  • Students learn from giving and receiving feedback
  • Built-in filters allow students to zoom in on specific feedback areas

We are a reliable partner

  • Revisely offers excellent service and support
  • Revisely complies with strict European privacy regulations (GDPR)

IMS Certifications

Revisely has 4 certifications for this product.

Version v3.1.2

Revisely v3.1.2 has completed conformance testing for the following IMS Standards ...
LTI Advantage
Active Certified on Registration Number: IMSD2C6C25C26ry2021W1
LTI v1.3
LTI Assignment & Grade Services 2.0 2021-09-27
LTI Names and Role Provisioning Services 2.0 2021-09-27
LTI Deep Linking 2.0

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