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EvalTools® is the next generation of LMS that includes an advanced Outcomes-Assessment System to assist universities' programs in eliminating the burden of workload in preparing for their ABET accreditation. EvalTools® aims to resolve a nightmare of paperwork, endless coordination among faculty members' preparation work for program assessment, and time-consuming effort of data collection, compilation, evaluation, and closing the loop for improvement. EvalTools® adopts the best practice in assessment: FCAR methodology to make the automation in the assessment process possible. EvalTools® ultimately addresses Criteria 1: student performance and progress must be evaluated and monitored to foster student outcomes. You can pick and choose EvalTools modules:

  • EvalTools® Meet  
  • EvalTools® Stream
  • EvalTools® Content-Authoring
  • EvalTools® Flipbook
  • EvalTools® Student Advising  
  • EvalTools® Survey
  • EvalTools® MeetingMinute
  • EvalTools® Evaluator Portal
  • EvalTools® LMS
  • EvalTools® OAS
  • EvalTools® Community
  • EvalTools® CIMS

1EdTech Certifications

MAKTEAM Software has 5 certifications for this product.

Version v7.0

EvalTools v7.0 has completed conformance testing for the following 1EdTech Standards ...
LTI Advantage Complete
OUT OF DATE Originally Certified on Registration Number: IMSD2C6C25C26C27me2022W1
OneRoster 1.1
OUT OF DATE Originally Certified on Registration Number: IMSM2me2022W1
OneRoster 1.1 Details:
  • REST Data Consumer Rostering Core
  • REST Data Consumer Resources Core
  • REST Data Consumer Gradebook Pull Core
LTI Advantage Complete
Active Certified on Registration Number: IMSD2C6C25C26C27me2023W1
LTI v1.3
LTI Deep Linking 2.0 2023-12-07
LTI Assignment & Grade Services 2.0 2023-12-07
LTI Names and Role Provisioning Services 2.0 2023-12-07

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