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Open eLMS

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This Learning Management System redefines what can be expected from an LMS, offering functionality that allows you to implement and maintain the most effective learning experience possible for your employees or students.

Open Elms works equally well for business and education. Versions are also available for apprenticeshipsschoolscolleges and universities.

The system features


  • User-friendly, Netflix inspired interface for learners
  • Learning programmes can be scheduled to deliver just in time training
  • ePortfolio of learning for Performance and Learning Management
  • Blended learning
  • Customation: roles, reports, interfaces, branding, certificates etc.
  • Gamification: competencies, leaderboards, badges etc.
  • Web, mobile and even VR compliant
  • Audit trails tracking learning completed, test score and time spent
  • Reports: default reports, custom reports, dashboards, data feeds to Microsoft PowerBI, export to Excel
  • Email: automated email alerts, custom emails
  • Multiple language packs
  • * Open eLMS Live: Video conferencing
  • * Open eLMS Creator: Elearning authoring
  • * Open eLMS Catalogue: +200 elearning courses
  • * Open eLMS Bespoke: custom eLearning development

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