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Offered by CourseNetworking, CN Portfolio is designed to be integrated with all LTI compliant LMS(s). It offers comprehensive, conventional and contemporary ePortfolio functionalities optimized for 21st century students. CN Portfolio offers a free lifelong access above and beyond academic life. It is conceptualized and built to be the best academic portfolio transferable to professional careers on the market.

With CN Portfolio, students can easily collect learning into a lifelong ePortfolio. All learning evidences, micro-certifications (badges) and recommendations can be dynamically certified.

The CN Portfolio tool is included in the pricing of both licensed CN Post and Full LMS packages. The CN Portfolio LTI tool (this tool) is also available free of charge to all academic institutions; only a nominal setup and integration fee is required.

See below to find out what CN Portfolio can do for you:

–Provide life-long access

–Strengthen academic social network

–Assist in collecting learning evidence performed on CN

–Certify institution-awarded learning achievements

–Issue e-badges and micro-certificates

–Deliver a variety of content access settings

–Support easy creation and distribution

–Visualize user academic and professional experiences

–Encourage multimedia embedment and personalization

–Enable seamless integration through LTI

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Active Certifications

CN-Portfolio has certifications for the following versions of this product.

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) 1.0 (Tool)
Certified on 2019-03-19 6 months ago Registration Number: IMSB2cg2019W1
Compatible Products
Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) 1.0 (Tool)
Certified on 2018-05-18 1 year ago Registration Number: IMSB2cg2018W1
Compatible Products

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