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Bestr is the Italian Digital Credentialing platform developed by Cineca to valorize competencies growing in the Higher Education system and connect them with employers.

Bestr provides:

  • Digital credentials editing and publishing; Digital credentials can be organized in complex structures (pathways)
  • browsing of badge classes and badging projects
  • single and bulk issuing of Open Badges
  • issuing of Blockcerts (Ethereum Mainnet)
  • Integration with Digital Education platforms (LMSs, Assessment platforms, etc) via xAPI for automatic issuing
  • RESTtful API for reading integration with authorized platforms
  • Student Information Systems integration for
    • automatic and bulk issuing
    • Integrating Student Information System’s evidence and outcomes (grades, master thesis title and abstract, etc) in digital credentials
    • automatic recognition of formal credits (ECTS)
    • European Diploma Supplement
  • learner features (sharing, visibility)
  • monitoring and reporting tools for the issuing organizations

Bestr is qualified as service provider for both IDEM and eduGAIN identity federations: scholars, students and staff of the majority of research institutions and universities around the world access the service using their institutional accounts.

Specifically to the Italian context, Bestr is a “SaaS provider for the public bodies" qualified by AgID - the Italian authority for digitization - and therefore listed in the AgID Cloud Marketplace. This means Bestr is compliant with strong requirements on application security, availability of technical support for the customers, transparency about service delivery and data exporting functionalities, monitoring and reporting, quality of service, data protection and portability, interoperability through suitable APIs, commitment to the minimization of lock-in and the IT security.

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1EdTech Certifications

Cineca has 1 certifications for this product.

Version v5.3

Bestr v5.3 has completed conformance testing for the following 1EdTech Standards ...
Open Badges v2.0
Active Certified on Registration Number: IMSO2ca2024W1
Open Badges Type:
  • Issuer
  • Displayer
  • Host

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