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State Educational Agencies (SEA) Steering Committee

The State Education Agency (SEA) Steering Committee group provides executive leadership and coordination of SEA members to increase participation and leadership of SEAs across the greater IMS community. The SEA Advisory meets monthly in order to:

  • Provide agency for SEAs on how to lead interoperability efforts within their states and within the IMS Global community
  • Support SEAs in ways of engaging key stakeholders statewide, regionally, and nationally in the important work of interoperability
  • Lead the development of common procurement language and documentation for IMS standards that SEAs and their districts can include in RFPs, including developing fidelity rubrics for measuring the effectiveness of standards implementation
  • Provide executive guidance and feedback to IMS on policy and engagement strategies for engaging SEAs in joining CASE Network

If you are interested in joining the SEA Steering Committee, please contact Bruce Umpstead, Director of Statewide Programs.