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Genius Plaza is a social enterprise that aims to ignite the genius in every child using technology to bring the best quality education to communities around the world, especially the most underserved. Genius Plaza is comprised of four products that come together to Ignite the Genius in Every Child. Genius Spark Genius Spark is focused on Service-Based Learning. The goal of achieving mastery is accomplished by students helping other students learn. Our students, teachers, and parents use technology to create, engage, and collaborate with fellow students from their class, their school, their district and even the world.   Genius PreK Genius PreK is the solution to childcare management with a multifaceted approach to learning and compliance. The Genius PreK App offers a parent communication tool in over 30 different languages, a STEAM career program, interactive assessment tools, and culturally relevant resources. Genius Village Genius Village is the tool that brings caregivers, pediatricians, and educators together in one app in over 80 languages. Genius Village provides leaders the tools to prioritize resources based on the health and educational needs of their districts. Genius Baby Genius Baby is an app that gathers the members of a village and helps create a sense of community for health care providers. With a joint effort, we are able to raise little Geniuses. Genius Baby uses mobile technology to empower parents/caregivers, providing necessary information to increase a baby’s health while reducing time spent in administrative tasks. Genius Baby provides this service in over 30 different languages for seamless communication between parents/caregivers and the primary care physicians.

Active Certifications

GeniusPlaza has certifications for the following versions of this product.

LTI Resource Search 1.0 (Consumer)
Certified on 2019-05-17 4 months ago Registration Number: IMSC24M2ga2019W1
OneRoster 1.1
Certified on 2019-05-15 4 months ago Registration Number: IMSC24M2ga2019W1
  • OneRoster v1.1 REST Data Consumer Rostering Core
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