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An IMS Contributing Member Member Since 2017
by Sakai/Tsugi An IMS Member (Contributing)

<p>From its inception, Sakai was designed to meet the needs of higher education. Conceived as an alternative to rigid, business-driven proprietary systems, Sakai provides a flexible, innovative platform for online learning. With development driven by a broad, global community of adopters and commercial affiliates, Sakai delivers powerful functionality while remaining true to its nature as 100% open-source.&nbsp;The built-in collaboration tools available in Sakai support the needs of academia and a number of different teaching and learning models. These range from traditional courses with online components such as resource management and forum-based discussion to more advanced online approaches such as flipped classrooms and fully-online teaching. &nbsp; Sakai also includes dedicated project work sites, which allow organizations and project teams to coordinate project administration, share resources, schedule activities, develop collaborative work products and track progress towards completion. These project collaboration spaces are widely used by student groups, faculty committees, thesis committees, strategic planning teams, re-accreditation teams and others tasked with important projects beyond the classroom. With a wide-ranging suite of features, Sakai provides the tools necessary for instructors, students, research investigators, and project leaders to succeed in their online initiatives.&nbsp;</p>

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Learning Platform

IMS Certifications

Sakai/Tsugi has 5 certifications for this product.

Version v19

Sakai v19 has completed conformance testing for the following IMS Standards ...
LTI Advantage Complete
Active Certified on Registration Number: IMSD1C5C23si2019W1
LTI v1.3
Platform (Consumer)
LTI Assignment & Grade Services 2.0 2019-02-04
LTI Names and Role Provisioning Services 2.0 2019-02-04
LTI Deep Linking 2.0 2019-02-04

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