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Personalized Learning Platform

Active Certifications

Personalized Learning Platform has certifications for the following versions of this product.

QTI Delivery 2.1
Certified on 2019-07-10 2 months ago
Implementation Details
Type Attribute
Tests T1 Outcome Declaration
Tests T2 Time Limits
Tests T3 Stylesheet
Tests T4 Test Parts
Tests T5 Item Session Control
Tests T6 Time Limits
Tests T7 Sections
Tests T8 Test Feedback
Tests T9a Outcomes Processing-Full
Tests T9b Outcomes Processing-CC
Tests T10 Test Feedback
Sections S1 Item Session Control
Sections S2 Time Limits
Sections S3 Selection
Sections S4 Ordering
Sections S5 Rubric Block
Sections S6 Include
Sections S7 Items
Sections S8 Sections
Interactions Q1 Associate Interaction
Interactions Q2 Choice Interaction
Interactions Q4 Drawing Interaction
Interactions Q6 Extended Text Interaction
Interactions Q7 Gap Match Interaction
Interactions Q8 Graphic Associate Interaction
Interactions Q9 Graphic Gap Match Interaction
Interactions Q10 Graphic Order Interaction
Interactions Q11 Hot-spot Interaction
Interactions Q12 Hot-text Interaction
Interactions Q13 Inline Choice Interaction
Interactions Q14 Match Interaction
Interactions Q16 Order Interaction
Interactions Q18 Selection Point Interaction
Interactions Q19 Slider Interaction
Interactions Q20 Text Entry Interaction
Items I1 responseDeclaration
Items I2 outcomeDeclaration
Items I3 templateDeclaration
Items I4 Shared Stimulus
Items I5 templateProcessing
Items I6 stylesheet
Items I7 Item Body
Items I8 HTML (Block)
Items I9a Response Processing-Full
Items I9b Response Processing-Fixed Template
Items I10 Modal Feedback
Items I11 APIP Accessibility
Packaging P1 Test Instances
Packaging P2 Section Instances
Packaging P3 Item Banks
Packaging P4 Item Instances
Packaging P5 Manifest Metadata (LOM)
Packaging P6 Resource Metadata (LOM)
Packaging P7 Resource Metadata (QTI)
Packaging P8 Curriculum Standards Metadata
Packaging P9 External Metadata
Packaging P10 Learning Tools Interop v1.1
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